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Decal installation and removal


OLD Decal removal:
Use Duplicolor (TM) or similar aerosol spray-on paint stripper to remove old 
Honda decals, let the spray do the work and then simply wipe them off, don't get any on your hands or eyes. Repeat this process to remove any and all glue residue.  Easy and works great!

The outcome of your project will depend on how good the side panel is when you start, so make it nice. No big scratches, you may have to sand with very fine sandpaper. You do not want lots of old uneven glue on your panels when you start. The important thing is that the surface is even and not all scratched and pitted.

If your side panels are cracked all the way through ! FORGET IT

Clean the plastics with some surgical spirit/alcohol, the kind of stuff that evaporates fast.


Put decals on in this order: 1st headlight , 2nd Left side Panel , 3rd Right side panel.

Mix up some water with a one drop of dish soap, joy, dawn , sunlight, whatever.
(stuff you wash your plates with) DISH SOAP

Put it  in a clean spray bottle and spray the mixture all over your plastic (the more the merrier). Or you can just mix it in a glass with a fork. Get it soapy.

Place the decal on the side panel in roughly the position you want it and you’ll notice it slides on the mixture you just sprayed onto the panel.

Using a hair dryer (not too close mind you) and your fingers, thumbs, push and spread out any bubbles and creases towards the outside of decal. Try to avoid creases and use a little heat if you have to smooth one out. Use a paper towel to absorb all the water that you are forcing out from under the decal. 

 Keep checking the position of the background and for bubbles, smooth them away. The heat will make the bubbles easier to move out from under the panel and will shrink the material to size.

 If it looks like the decal needs repositioning,  just peel back the decal slowly and start again, applying more of the water mixture if needed.

 Once you have the decal in place where you want it, start to force all the air and soapy water out from underneath the decal.

The hair dryer will dry out the mixture you sprayed onto the plastic before-hand and will leave the decal well and truly stuck down. Use a soft paper towel to suck up water as it comes out from underneath  the decal as you smooth it.

It is important to make sure the outside edges are well attached, a final heating will help to make it stick and shrink a wee bit. Paper towels are also a good way to soak up the soapy water and will help the edges to stick tight.

You can apply a little more heat to the awkward areas (on some panels) as this will soften the sticker material and cause it to stretch a little more but don’t overcook it!


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